QUESTION OF THE DAY: UN Test 38.3 for lithium cells and lithium batteries - validity of the certificate

UN Test 38.3 for lithium cells and lithium batteries - validity of the certificate
Since 01.01.2020 every manufacturer and subsequent supplier of lithium cells and lithium batteries must be able to present a test summary for the tested lithium-cells and lithium-batteries on request.
Only for prototypes and small series up to 100 pieces the UN test 38.3 of the United Nations is not yet necessary, here a proof is sufficient that the lithium-cells and lithium-batteries were manufactured according to a quality management program. For the transport of prototypes and small series up to 100 pieces, an actuation of the competent authority of the country of departure is necessary, e.g. in Germany the Luftfahrtbundesamt or the BAM.
But how long is the certificate of the UN 38.3 test valid?
Here is our answer:
Validity UN 38.3 test report
there are only the following requirements for the UN 38.3 test series:

  1. currently, new tests must be conducted according to the 7th revised edition of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria.
  2. lithium cells/batteries tested according to the 3rd revised edition 1st amendment can still be manufactured and transported.
  3. lithium cells/batteries tested under the 3rd revised edition prior to July 1, 2003 may no longer be manufactured. But they may continue to be transported under current transportation regulations.

But then there is China. Here, since January 01, 2020, testing must always be done according to the current edition. And that really means that such a test certificate must always be reissued annually, of course by a test institute in China.
In addition, any company exporting such lithium cells/batteries from China, for example, also needs an authorization for the transport of dangerous goods.

In the rest of the world, the requirements of points 1-3 apply.
You can read more about what exactly is tested in UN Test 38.3 on our website:

And more details about the quality management program that applies to the production of EVERY lithium cell and battery, we have summarized here:

Our license customers can get a list for test institutes for the UN 38.3 test under DOWNLOAD:
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Would you like to check with the manufacturer or shipper of a lithium cell and lithium battery whether UN Test 38.3 has been successfully passed and whether production has been carried out in accordance with a quality management program?
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