Quality Management Program


Since 2013 all lithium cells and batteries must be manufactured according to a documented quality management program. At the moment it doesn´t have to be a certified system, e.g. like ISO 9001, yet. But it must be a system documented in writing which must be provided to the appropriate authority upon request. As shipper of lithium cells and batteries you must have a written confirmation of the existence of this quality management program by the cell/battery or equipment manufacturer. Without this confirmation the transport is prohibited.

The quality management program must fulfill the following requirements (This is the original text of the requirements in Italic):

Cells and batteries must be manufactured under a quality management program that includes:

(i) a description of the organizational structure and responsibilities of personnel with regard to design and product quality;

(ii) the relevant inspection and test, quality control, quality assurance and process operation instructions that will be used;

(iii) process controls that should include relevant activities to prevent and detect internal short circuit failure during manufacture of cells;

(iv) quality records, such as inspection reports, test data, calibration data and certificates. Test data must be kept and made available to the appropriate national authority upon request;;

(v) management reviews to ensure the effective operation of the quality management program;

(vi) a process for control of documents and their revision;

(vii) a means for control of cells or batteries that are not conforming to the type tested as mentioned in (a) above;

(viii) training programs and qualification procedures for relevant personnel; and

(ix) procedures to ensure that there is no damage to the final product.

Note: In house quality management programs may be accepted. Third party certification is not required, but the procedures listed in 1. to 9. above must be properly recorded and traceable. A copy of the quality management program must be made available to the appropriate national authority upon request.


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