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4th Oslo Battery Days (OBD) Conference, Oslo, Norway, August 22-23, 2022
OBD is a two-day battery conference in Scandinavia. Discussions and networking around innovative battery technologies.


Techstage introduces waterproof smartphones in the price segment up to 400€.

We naturally want to use such waterproof smartphones outdoors and take them with us on trips.
To ensure that the lithium-ion cell (accumulator) in the smartphone is safe, lasts a long time, and you can easily take the smartphone with you on trips, keep the following in mind:
You should only buy a smartphone in which the lithium battery (accumulator) meets all legal requirements and has passed all tests.
This is because lithium cells/batteries (accumulators) are dangerous goods of class 9, can quickly catch fire and and are therefore subject to strict regulations.
You should reassure yourself that the lithium-ion cell complies with the transport regulations, that it has been manufactured according to a quality management program and that it has successfully passed the UN test series according to 38.3.
We can help you find out how to do all this.



Transport of dangerous goods by road

The Foreign Office announces on 25.04.2022:
Armenia will become the 53rd country to join ADR on May 12, 2022.
Information from LITHIUM BATTERY SERVICE on shipping lithium batteries by road in compliance with regulations


NETZSCH Future Days – Virtual Event - May 16-19, 2022
Discussions around batteries and lithium battery technology



We wish you happy easter!


Newsletter No. 03 / 2022

Newsletter No. 03 / 2022
Here our topics:
1 IATA Lithium Battery Guidance Document: Classification example DD: Hearing aids or bluetooth ear plugs being transported in their loading case or with their loading case in the same package
2 IATA Lithium Battery Guidance Document: Reference to the lithium content in the PDF page 26 in example 3
3 USA PHMSA brochure on the UN 38.3 Test Summary
4 Australia: Product Data Sheet/Material Safety Data Sheet for lithium cells/batteries
5 ADR/RID/IMDG code: P903 in 2023: inner packaging
6 Updated checklists since 01. April 2022


ICAO World Airport Map

ICAO World Airport Map

The ICAO World Airport Map tool has the world‘s largest airport dataset, including ICAO‘s official DOC 7910 Location Indicator.
Users can search by ICAO airport code, IATA code, airport name, state/city name and address.
The airport map is updated every three months.
You can explore the user-interactive web-based map for free for a period of time and discover all the features.


Virtual Battery Seminar
4-6 April, 2022
Shmuel De Leon Energy and Amprius USA

Lithium cells and Batteries play a major role in Shmuel De-Leon´s seminars.

Topics of the Seminar:

• Battery Essentials
• Primary Batteries
• Rechargeable Batteries
• Battery Pack Design
• Battery Safety

Dr. Ionel Stefan

• New extreme high Energy Density Li-Ion cells with 100% Silicon Anode.


Shipping of large lithium batteries for vehicles- NEV batteries

DB Schenker, one of the largest logistics service providers, has officially introduced a solution for transporting NEV batteries from China to Europe “NEV Battery to Europe Airfreight Charter Solution”.


New and changed regulations for shipping lithium cells and batteries on all transport modes in 2022/2023


How does Apple handle conflict minerals in iPhones & Co?

How does Apple handle conflict minerals in iPhones & Co?
"Green raw materials" in Apple lithium batteries.
In order to exclude sourcing of conflict minerals as far as possible, Apple has prepared an Environmental Protection Progress Report 2021




04. 03. 2022
New and changed regulations for shipping lithium cells and batteries on all transport modes in 2022/2023
Trainer: Eva Glimsche

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