lithium ion batteries in laptops:

Techstage´s and PCmag´s comparison

Also in the new year 2022, consumers want to buy a cheap or particularly good laptop.
Here we have selected two comparisons of several brands.
Techstage writes in this article what you should pay attention to with cheap laptops/notebooks under 300 Euros:

The best laptops 2022 are described at PCmag:

We as LITHIUM BATTERY SERVICE have summarized some important information about the batteries in the device for you:
All these devices contain a rechargeable lithium-ion cell or lithium-ion battery and these lithium-ion batteries belong to dangerous goods class 9.
In order for you as a retailer or shipper to be able to offer your customers the greatest possible security, you need to know what regulations apply when shipping or purchasing the devices.

So what to do BEFORE YOU BUY?

Before purchasing a device with lithium-ion batteries, please note that the lithium cells or batteries in the device comply with the provisions of the Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations.
Before purchasing, ask the manufacturer or seller whether the lithium cells or batteries have been manufactured according to a quality management program and the UN test series. have passed in accordance with 38. 3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria.
Find out more about the quality management program here:

Which test criteria the UN Test 38.3 contains here:

The manufacturers, but also you as a subsequent distributor, are obliged to provide this information on request since 01 January 2020.
They do not have to be included with the goods or listed on the product data sheet of the device, but they must be presented on request.
This makes it difficult for you as a retailer, and even more so for the buyer, to find out whether the lithium-ion battery was manufactured in compliance with the regulations.
As a retailer, you often have to persistently inquire with the manufacturer until you receive the right documents.
Do not purchase goods for which this information is incorrectly provided to you or you may not receive a reply at all.
Also very large and well-known manufacturers and shippers are obliged to provide this information!

You should make a supplier inquiry.
You can download a form of UN38.3 test summary and supplier inquery in our portal for FREE, which includes all the important questions about the lithium cells or -batteries.
 You are also welcome to add your logo to our inquiry, but our copyright must be left in the footer:

After confirmation, please check, if the described lithium cell or battery also fits your device and not only general information is given or if you only received a product data sheet.
To help you we have a checklist on our website under DOWNLOADS, so that you can check whether all information required in the UN 38.3 Test Summary is included:

Once you have received all the necessary documents, your shipment can go on travel. But how is it labelled? How is it packaged? What do you do with returns?
We offer you precise solutions for all of these questions, so that your logistics process can run smoothly and no shipment will stop.
If you need to ship lithium cells and lithium batteries or prepare them for transport, we provide you with checklist items for your transport case, also for returns:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions:

If you do not receive confirmation of the UN 38.3 test summary from the manufacturer, we can take this process off your hands. To do this, contact us to find out our conditions:

And if you need further training around the shipping and transport preparation of lithium cells and batteries in road transport as per ADR, see transport as per IMDG code and air transport as per ICAO TI / IATA DGR you will find our training courses here:



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