You should be aware of this before importing cheap "rechargeable" toys and battery-powered household appliances, with regard to the supplied lithium-ion battery.

Now just before Christmas, you can find tests and comparative tests of expensive and cheap battery toys and battery-powered household appliances everywhere. The brochures are full of battery-powered toys and household appliances, often very expensive, but also very cheap imported goods. The rechargeable devices usually have the lithium battery integrated, sometimes a spare battery is included or can be replaced by the dealer.
We, at Lithium-Battery-Service are happy about every dealer or supplier who checks for the benefit and safety of his customers, whether the transport regulations are observed. Before you, as a dealer, buy and import equipment with lithium cells and lithium batteries, you should make a supplier inquiry whether all lithium cells and batteries have been manufactured according to a quality management system and have passed the UN Test 38.3 of the United Nations.
Because a lithium cell or -battery without these tests poses a fire hazard.
You can download a free supplier inquiry from our portal, which contains all important questions. Since 01.01.2020, the manufacturer and subsequent supplier have been obliged to provide the information on request. It does not have to be enclosed with the goods and does not have to be listed on the safety data sheet of the equipment.
After confirmation, please check whether the lithium cell or battery is suitable for the device and not only general information.
Refrain from purchasing or importing goods for which this information is not provided correctly or for which you may not receive a response at all.
The transport of lithium cells and batteries is prohibited if these two conditions are not met.
You can find out what the quality management system is all about here:
Which test criteria the UN Test 38.3 contains here:
Here the free download for our supplier inquiry. We have included all required details of the UN 38.3 Test Summary in our Supplier Inquiry Form.:
You can download and use it free of charge, provided that our copyright information in the footer is kept in place:
If you have to ship lithium cells and lithium batteries or prepare them for transport, we provide you with checklists for your transport case, also for returns:
And if you are still a beginner in shipping lithium cells and lithium batteries you can watch a video for free on our portal about: What´s the problem with shipping lithium cells and lithium batteries?:
We would be pleased to receive from any company or dealer your documents received from the manufacturers of the equipment regarding the lithium batteries that are included. We collect such confirmations from manufacturers in our "White List" and provide them to companies.
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