Amendment 1 to the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria published. Changes for the UN 38.3 test

Amendment 1 to the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria published. Changes for the UN 38.3 test

Lithium Battery Service Newsletter No. 11/2021

An Amendment 1 was published to the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria.

For the UN 38.3 Test the following changes were made:

38.3.3 (d) In the last paragraph, after “another battery”, add “, vehicle,”

38.3.3 (g) At the end, add the following new paragraphs:
“For an assembled battery not equipped with overcharge protection that is designed for use only as a component in another battery, in equipment, or in a vehicle, which affords such protection:
- the overcharge protection shall be verified at the battery, equipment or vehicle level, as
appropriate, and

- the use of charging systems without overcharge protection shall be prevented through a
physical system or process controls.”

38.3.5 Amend sub-paragraph (j) of the test summary to read as follows:
“(j) Name and title of responsible person as an indication of the validity of information provided.”
In short:
Batteries without overcharge protection respective T.7 Test as components may only be used when the overcharge protection is provided by another battery, in the equipment and new in the vehicle.
It must be prevented to use charging systems without overcharge protection through a physical system or process controls.
And at the end of the UN 38.3 Test Summary only the name and title of the responsible person need to be included and then the signature is no longer required.

These changes are only valid to be used when the latest dangerous goods transport regulations (ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG Code, and ICAO TI) refer to the 7. edition, Amendment 1. We´ve asked our German transport ministry whether this will only happen in 2023 or maybe earlier. Once we receive an answer we´re sure letting you know.

Therefore right now in the UN 38.3 Test Summaries there may not be a reference to Amendment 1 yet.

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