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Checklist S-730

Manufacturer: LiBS

Order number: LiBS-S-730-EN


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Information Leaflet - valid till 31.12.2021 -
Transport of UN 3496 Nickel-Metal 39-18
The transport of batteries of this type is not subject to any dangerous goods regula- tions in sea transport according to IMDG Code WHEN the batteries are installed in equipment or packed with equipment. WHEN the batteries
    •    are already installed in equipment or 

    •    packed with equipment or 

    •    if only button cells are shipped 
This is regulated in Special Provision 963 of Section 3.3 of the IMDG Code. 
When these batteries are shipped alone then there are regulations to be followed and there are own checklists for that case. 
In air transport for the transport of Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries there are regula- tions to be followed. 
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