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UN 3496 Batteries, nickel-metal hydride  / Nickel-Metal hydride Cells/Batteries - Air Transport - Passenger & Cargo Aircraft - Special Provision A199 

Checklist A-870

Manufacturer: LiBS

Order number: LiBS-A-870-EN


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UN 3496 Batteries, nickel-metal hydride
Air Transport
Passenger & Cargo Aircraft
Special Provision A199
Nickel-Metal hydride Cell/Battery
Quantity and Weight  per package  unlimited
Number of packages per consignment  unlimited

ICAO TI 2021-2022 / 63. edition of the IATA DGR

Nickel-Metal hydride Cells/Batteries Quality Management Program not required
Nickel-Metal hydride Cells/Batteries UN Test Series 38.3 not required

What may be transported with this checklist article:
Nickel-Metal hydride Cell/Battery
UN 3496