Checklist A-720

Product number: LiBS-A-720
Language of the download file: English
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Contents of the download file:
  • IATA25-Hybrid-II-B2V
Use for:
1. Transport case (1):
(1-1) Lithium cells / Lithium batteries
2. Transport case (2):
(2-3) Lithium hybrid batteries
4. Variety of shipping (1):
(4-1) Tested Cell / Batteries (UN 38.3 Test, standard)
5. Variety of shipping (2):
(5-3) Cell / Battery installed in equipment
6. Mode of transport:
(6-3) Air according to ICAO TI and IATA DGR
8. Nominal energy / gram:
(8-9) Total lithium content of all lithium metal cells within the lithium hybrid battery max. 1.5 gram and total Watt-hour rating of all lithium ion cells within the lithium hybrid battery max. 10 Wh
9. Amount / number:
(9-4) Not exceeding 2 Batteries
11. Number of packages of the shipment:
(11-1) Maximum 2 packages per single consignment
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