The entire checklist package

When you decide to purchase this package, you may download all relevant checklists until the end of one calendar year (always until 31. December of the year of purchase). After the payment for the flatrate was accepted you will receive a code with which you can login as often as you like. Via the Checklist Finder you can then quite comfortably choose the relevant checklist for your transport case and download it. Done.

The perfect solution for all companies that have to prepare and ship different transport cases.

Within on company (legal entity) as many co-workers can use this service as you want. The distribution of the checklists to other companies (other legal entities) is not allowed. Please note our GTCT hereto.

As extra service we will inform you regularly about news and changes in the regulations regarding the transport of lithium batteries, when you register for our newsletter. Doing so will keep you up to date on this difficult topic.

This Complete Checklist Flatrate Package contains all checklists for all transport modes
- Road Transport according to ADR
- Sea Transport according to IMDG Code
- Air Transport according to the ICAO TIs/IATA DGR

The cost for the Complete Checklist Flatrate Package for all transport modes are € 1800,-- per year excluding VAT.