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Transport of dangerous goods by road

The Foreign Office announces on 25.04.2022:
Armenia will become the 53rd country to join ADR on May 12, 2022.
Information from LITHIUM BATTERY SERVICE on shipping lithium batteries by road in compliance with regulations


E-mobility - charging network not only for cars but also for trucks and coaches for more sustainable freight transport in the future.
Daimler Truck, Volvo Group and TRATON GROUP have signed a non-binding agreement to establish a truck high-performance charging network in Europe.


Road transport ADR- Multilateral Agreement M335: carriage of assembled lithium batteries,which are not equipped with an overcharge protection.


Question of the day:
We are looking for suitable packaging for "small" batteries according to SP 188 for:
UN 3090 Lithium metal batteries without equipment + UN 3091 Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment
UN 3480 lithium ion batteries without equipment + UN 3481 Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment


VW ID models from 2020

eMobility with the new Volkswagen models.

From 2020 VW will offer a sedan, a CUV and a van with electric drive.

Techniques such as voice and gesture control and fully automated driving are possible with the ID models.

The ID vehicles travel with a battery charge up to 600 km.

The lithium ion batteries installed in the vehicles meet all the requirements of of the legislators.


All you ever wanted to know about Tesla Batteries - Part I
INSIDEEVs answered in a YouTube Video and on their website lots of open questions regarding Tesla vehicle batteries.
Also the discussions on these batteries in the chat is absolutely worthwhile reading. Here the link to the overview:


„Porsche Charging Service“ App helps you find recharging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles
Porsche introduces a digital recharging service that also drivers of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles of other manufacturers can use.


A battery-powered racing car did leave the opponents with combustion engine behind
This is not only due to the carbon built up but also due to the high performance lithium ion battery.


BMWi3 Battery Pack description from Munro & Associates on YouTube

On the website of Munro & Associates ( in addition to the Tear Down Study of the BMWi3 you can also find a link to the description of the BMWi3 Battery-Pack:


The May edition of the digital edition of the SAE Automotive Engineering is absolutely worth reading: Tesla 3 Teardown by Munro and Associates AND Performance test of the battery-powered Hyundai HVAC at the Arctic Circle