Delays in air traffic, if you are not a known consignor

Urgend need for action for companies shipping goods in air transport from Germany and not registered as known consignor
Already in January the department of Flight Safety at the German Civil Aviation Authority (“Luftfahrtbundesamt”) published the following infos. Yet we received several questions during the past weeks which made clear to us that a lot of companies are not aware of the drastic impact for companies shipping by air and not being registered as know consignor.
Shipments with lithium batteries and other dangerous goods that can´t be made secure by X-ray (e.g. all articles and all metal inner, outer and single packages) need to be manually checked. This does not apply to companies that are registered as known consignor. Manual check means that all packages need to be opened to check that no explosives were placed inside.
This is based on the regulations on special control procedures of the European Union.
For shipments where at the air safety check a package shows only “Black” in X-Ray or shows parts in “Black” a special control procedure as per of the DVO (EU) 2015/1998 must be carried out.
Germany used to allow explosive trace detectores (ETD equipment) to secure the shipment by wipe testing along the outside of the packages.
In the course of the internal administrative controlling it was noticed that this facilitation known as “Wipe Test” does not fulfill the requirements of the special control procedures as per of the DVO (EU) 2015/1998.
In order to ensure a smooth shipping in air transport of your shipment, only the approval as known consignor remains. Because on shipments from known consignors no special control procedure needs to be carried out. But the processing time of new applications for approval as know consignor can take up to three months.
Here a link to the German website of our civil aviation authority regarding the known consignor:
Should you have any questions on this we can recommend you specialists in aviation security who can consult you in implementing the requirements to gain the known consignor status. Please don´t hesitate to contact us:
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