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Question of the day: Lithium Battery Mark instead of Lithium Battery Handling Label

I can no longer find the old Lithium Battery Handling Label 7.4.H in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Is there another label for "small “ lithium cells and batteries?


Delays in air traffic, if you are not a known consignor.
Urgend need for action for companies shipping goods in air transport from Germany and not registered as known consignor


Supplement to USA 49 CFR IFR FR-022719 -Lithium battery air transport

Today the text of the IFR was published in the Federal Register under docket no. PHMSA–2016–0014 (HM–224I) and is valid immediately.


USA 49 CFR IFR FR-022719 – Lithium Battery Air Transport – PHMSA asking for comments


Remember: Monday, 29 October 2018 from 10.00-11.00 German Time UTC+1
Online Seminar - Free of charge for Lithium Battery Service Portal License Customers
New and changed regulations in shipping lithium cells and batteries on all transport modes 2018/2019


According to the PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) of the US DOT (Department of Transportation) the responsiblity for the compliance with the Quality Management Program for the manufacture of lithium cells and lithium batteries lies solely with the manufacturer.


Clear definition on damaged/defective by the UN Subcommittee of Experts - Special Provision 376


EU-wide regulations on the safety of drones

EU-wide regulations on the safety of drones
On Tuesday, MEPs adopted an agreement on EU-wide regulations for drones and drone-operators. The most important points in it are:
- a uniform EU-wide level of safety
- legal certainty to promote the industry
- modernised aviation safety regulations to meet new challenges


China: Further new customs regulations for entries in Air Waybill (AWB) from 1. June 2018 onwards
Aeroflot Cargo has published the following via OAL Inforwarding:
The Chinese Customs Authorities have announced strict enforcement of regulations for import carrier manifest that will become effective from 1st of June, 2018(China Customs announcement No. 56).