More information on the DRONE DRIVER'S CERTIFICATE for drones, copters, model aircraft or model helicopters. Information on what you need to consider before buying with regard to the lithium ion battery for propulsion in our blog article.

More information on the DRONE DRIVER'S CERTIFICATE for drones, copters, model aircraft or model helicopters. Information on what you need to consider before buying with regard to the lithium ion battery for propulsion in our blog article.
Since 01.01.2021, the new EU drone regulation for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has been in force.
This affects not only drones and copters, but also all types of remote-controlled model aircraft, and model helicopters.
You can find out which models are affected and what you need on the website of the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA):
We have found two comprehensive articles that might be interesting for you as a drone or model aircraft owner:
At Conrad:
In order to supply the UAS with energy and to be rechargeable again and again, lithium ion batteries are usually installed in the UAS. Some are replaceable, some are permanently installed.
These lithium ion batteries are class 9 dangerous goods and are therefore subject to the dangerous goods transport regulations. To ensure safety in the airspace and during the transport of drones, there are requirements in the transport regulations for each of these lithium batteries. A lithium cell or lithium battery must have been manufactured according to a quality management programme and must have successfully passed UN Test 38.3.
Transport is not permitted before this.
These two precautions are intended to prevent improper manufacturing and plagiarism, which pose fire hazards.
Before you purchase a UAS or include it in your shop's assortment, there are a few things you should consider.
As a company, distributor or private person, you will always find yourself in situations where you have to take a lithium cell or a lithium battery or a device containing lithium cells or lithium batteries with you on your travels or ship them.
When transporting, safety is important.
BUT many manufacturers and subsequent suppliers are not yet aware of these requirements.
Therefore, it is important to ask a few things BEFORE YOU BUY, for which we provide free information and forms. You can find these on our LITHIUM BATTERY SERVICE website.
Find out what the quality management program is all about here:

Which test criteria the UN Test 38.3 contains here:

If you would like to check with the manufacturer or dealer whether the lithium battery of your desired drone or UAS meets all the requirements, you can download and use our supplier inquery.
Since 01.01.2020 a UN 38.3 Test Summary needs to be provided by the manufacturer and any subsequent supplier on request. We have included all required details of the UN 38.3 Test Summary in our Supplier Inquiry Form.
You´ll find it here:
If you have now received the confirmations, check again whether the details are compare with your device. Here is the checklist to check this:
We have even more information about lithium cells and lithium batteries on our website, disposal, returns, craftsman regulation, passengers in air transport and other information.
Our special feature are our checklists, which contain everything you need for  shipping or transport lithium cells and lithium batteries. We cover all types of transport cases.
According to ADR, IMDG Code and ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR, including references.
You will receive samples and fillable files for all necessary prepared transport documents for your transport case (e.g. transport document according to ADR, IMO declaration, shipper's declaration).
You can find the appropriate checklist article for a fee on our portal under "Find a single checklists".
And of course you can attend seminars at Lithium Battery Service on how to ship lithium cells and batteries.
We have integrated all information from packaging, labelling to disposal in our seminars and online seminars.
At the moment we are working on “Knowledge on demand” for the different topics. Once we´ve completed it, we´ll inform you via newsletter and blog.
But we offer you Online-Seminar Recordings:

If you need personal, professional advice, our experts Jürgen Werny, Eva Glimsche and Robert Wenske are at your disposal:


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