Lithium-Battery-Safety Training-Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.

Lithium-Battery-Safety Training-Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.
Lithium-cells and lithium-batteries are in constant use in everyday life. Their production, energy density and areas of application are being improved more and more. In order to keep safety and protection against accidents and injuries as low as possible, Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd. offers lithium-battery safety training in various countries - and this online too.

The training program focuses on portable and stationary lithium-cells and lithium-batteries  for the entire life of the battery, from the UN 38.3 testing through assembly and use to disposal.
Perhaps a workshop will also be held in your region.
Look here:
As a company or a private person, you will always come across situations, where you need to take a lithium-cell and lithium-batterie or an equipment that contains lithium-batteries with you on your travels or you need to ship lithium-cells and lithium-batteries. Whether it is a mobile phone and laptop or an e-bike or a battery for a wind turbine, ... from a small button cell to lithium-batteries installed in cargo transport units-safety is the first priority during transport.
Especially with lithium cells and lithium batteries, there is a lot to consider.
Every lithium-cell and every lithium-battery must be manufactured according to the quality management program described in the transport regulations, including prototypes.
What this quality management program includes, you can find here:
Every lithium-cell or lithium-battery, that is no longer a prototype or a small series of up to 100 pieced, must have been successfully passed the UN test series 38.3.
The UN test series 38.3 includes the following:
We help you to send your transport case safely on the road, in the air or at sea. Or to dispose.
If you have to ship or dispose large or small lithium batteries, we offer checklist articles for your transport case according to ADR, IMDG-Code and ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR including source references.
So you can check, which regulations have to be observed, how you pack, label and document correctly.
You receive samples and fillable files for all necessary prepared transport documents for your transport case (e.g. transport document according to ADR, IMO declaration, shipper's declaration).
You can find the respective checklist article in our portal under "Find a single checklist".
To ensure that you receive all the necessary logistics information from the manufacturer or supplier, we have created a Supplier Inquiry Form.
Since 01.01.2020, for example, a UN 38.3 Test Summary needs to be provided by the manufacturer and any subsequent supplier on request.

We have included all required details of the UN 38.3 Test Summary in our Supplier Inquiry Form.
Our supplier inquiry form helps you to get all necessary information for logistics. You´ll find it here:
And, of course, you can attend seminars, how to ship lithium-cells and lithium-batteries at Lithium Battery Service.
We have integrated all technical requirements as well as the conditions for packaging, marking and labelling, documentation,shipping of damaged/defective or safety critical defective lithium-cells and lithium-batteries up to the disposal of these lithium-cells and lithium-batteries in our presence seminars and online seminars.

At the moment we are working on “Knowledge on demand” for the different topics. Once we´ve completed it, we´ll inform you via newsletter and blog.
But we offer you Online-Seminar Recordings:

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