Lithium batteries in vacuum robots

Lithium batteries in vacuum robots
The small vacuum robots, true helpers in the household, are now available everywhere from very many manufacturers.
As we read in this article from Techstage, even well-known manufacturers are making improvements. But we read also of rationalize away of some components of the robots.
We at LITHIUM BATTERY SERVICE hope, that the manufacturers do not save on the lithium ion battery in the vacuum robots and rationalize away quality here. 
The lithium ion battery that powers the robot falls under Dangerous Goods Class 9 and therefore must have been manufactured and tested according to the dangerous goods transport regulations.This prevents hazards that could arise at the customer's home with plagiarized and untested lithium battery technology.
Offer your customers security with regard to the lithium ion battery contained.
Therefore, we urge all dealers to reassure the robot manufacturer that each lithium cell and battery in the equipment meets all requirements. We provide free information and inquiry tools below:

Before purchasing from the manufacturer, ask whether all lithium cells or batteries have been manufactured according to a quality management program and have passed the UN test series 38.3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria.

Find out what the quality management program is all about here:

Which test criteria the UN Test 38.3 contains here:
The manufacturers, but also you as a subsequent supplier are obliged since 01. January 2020 to provide this information on request.
They do not have to be enclosed with the goods and also do not have to be listed on the product data sheet of the device.
This makes it difficult for you as a distributor and even more so for the buyer to find out whether your battery was manufactured in compliance with the regulations.
As a distributor you often have to persistently ask the manufacturer until you receive the documents.
 Refrain from buying goods where this information is not given to you correctly or where you receive no answer at all.
 Because a transport of standard production lithium cells and batteries is forbidden if these two conditions are not fulfilled.

We at LITHIUM BATTERY SERVICE are glad about every distributor who cares for the benefit and safety of his customers and therefore checks whether the transport regulations are observed for the lithium battery.
Before you as a distributor purchase and import equipment with lithium cells and lithium batteries you should make a supplier inquiry.

You can download a form of UN38.3 test summary and supplier inquery in our portal for FREE, which includes all the important questions about the lithium cells or -batteries.

You are also welcome to add your logo to our inquiry, but our copyright must be left in the footer:

After confirmation, please check, if the described lithium cell or battery also fits your device and not only general information is given or if you only received a product data sheet.

To help you we have a checklist on our website under DOWNLOADS, so that you can check whether all information required in the UN 38.3 Test Summary is included:
Because the language in transport is English you can ask for English confirmations.
If you need to ship or prepare lithium cells and lithium batteries for transportation, we provide checklist articles for your transportation mode, including returns:

Often the question arises what to do with returns of lithium cells and batteries.
Here we provide you with some help:

And as a distributor, you also have to deal with storage. Here are some hints- Also talk to your insurer how your company building is covered in case of fire due to lithium cells or batteries.

Finally there is the question of disposal. You can find out how this works in your country if you´re living in an ADR member state under:

And if you are still a beginner in shipping and transporting lithium cells and batteries you can watch a video in our portal for free:

Questions and answers about lithium cells and -batteries here:

We are also at your service for further questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

And if you need further training around the shipping and transport preparation of lithium cells and batteries in road transport as per ADR, see transport as per IMDG code and air transport as per ICAO TI / IATA DGR you will find our training courses here. we also offer in-house training for your company and your employees:
We also offer Inhouse training for your company and your employees.

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