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How does Apple handle conflict minerals in iPhones & Co?

How does Apple handle conflict minerals in iPhones & Co?
"Green raw materials" in Apple lithium batteries.
In order to exclude sourcing of conflict minerals as far as possible, Apple has prepared an Environmental Protection Progress Report 2021


Lithium batteries in bike computers:

Lithium batteries in bike computers:
Techstage presents the pros and cons of GPS bike navigation devices in this article:
And what you need to consider in terms of the lithium battery in the bike computer, we at LITHIUM BATTERY SERVICE tell you:


More information on the DRONE DRIVER'S CERTIFICATE for drones, copters, model aircraft or model helicopters. Information on what you need to consider before buying with regard to the lithium ion battery for propulsion in our blog article.


Lithium batteries in vacuum robots

Lithium batteries in vacuum robots-how to handle as a distributor


Lithium-Battery-Safety Training-Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.

Lithium-Battery-Safety Training-Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.
Lithium-cells and lithium-batteries are in constant use in everyday life. Their production, energy density and areas of application are being improved more and more. In order to keep safety and protection against accidents and injuries as low as possible, Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd. offers lithium-battery safety training in various countries - and this online too.


Lithiumcells and -batteries in passenger baggage on aircrafts
Even as „normal“ passenger you are subject to regulations regarding the carriage of lithium batteries in your baggage. That´s why we have combined these restrictions for you in a clear list structure:


Need large HV automobile batteries an inner packaging as described in (b)(3)(i) or is a strong outer packaging enough? Concerns packaging requirements for lithium batteries 49 CFR 105.20


Dear Interested in the regulations compliant shipping preparation and transport of lithium cells and batteries,

Presentation and Recording of Online Seminar
the presentation and recording to our online seminar on the new and changed regulations with the focus on the UN 38.3 Test Summary is now ready for purchase and download.


Question of the day:

Question of the day:
The following question has reached us:

Can you transport my private eMountainbike lithium ion battery (700 Wh / 36 Volt Lithium-Ion battery with dimensions approx. 6x9x50 cm and approx. 3.6 Kg) to Auckland / New Zealand? The safety data sheet and the bill for the MTB incl. battery can be presented.
Can I do this by air freight or only by sea?


This is how your smartphone or tablet survives the summer heat – And what to do if it does not function properly any more
Active and still mobile, even on the beach, long bike rides and car. How your mobile device withstands high temperatures


FDP Parliamentary Group inquires into the dangers of lithium batteries among other things as waste and in German households

On March 28, 2019 in the parliamentary news of the German Bundestag, the request of the FDP faction was mentioned.


Zarges K470 Akku Safe - Finally a packing solution for damaged/defective and safety critically defective lithium cells and lithium batteries

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