DRONE ENABLE, ICAO's Third Unmanned Aircraft Systems Industry Symposium (DRONE ENABLE/3) 12 - 14 November 2019 Montréal , CANADA

DRONE ENABLE, ICAO's Third Unmanned Aircraft Systems Industry Symposium (DRONE ENABLE/3)
12 - 14 November 2019 Montréal , CANADA
The ICAO DRONE ENABLE 2019 Symposium will bring together key stakeholders from government, industry, academia, and international organizations active in the unmanned aviation sector to exchange research, best practices, lessons learned and respective challenges. Attention will be given to complex issues related to the introduction of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and UAS traffic management (UTM). The aircraft registry network, which ICAO has spearheaded, will be described including its purpose, intended functionality and interaction with national registry systems. Best practices will also be discussed to address cyber issues, information management, uncertificated unmanned aircraft (UA) operations in high seas airspace, operations above FL600, rules of the air and more.
More informations:
Presentations from speakers of:
ICAO, IATA, FAA,IMP, ICCAIA, EANS, Airmac,Unify,Eiair, SESAR, AUVSI,Amazon Prime Air, Wing, Cans, ENRI, Queensland Institute of Technology, Circonio INC, UTM, CANSO, ENAC, Airmac; Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation,Innovation and Digitalization Unit; CORUS project, Thales, CRIDA, University of Batna2-Algeria, Airbus UTM, ResilienX, ATMRI Technological University Singapore, ASTM International, EUROCAE, FAA, DJI, WhiteFox Defense Technologies Inc. Vanuatu, RPAS Transport Canada, Cyberhawk, NOAA, NASA, Scene, Airbus/Zephyr, Boing/Aurora/Odysseus, Loon, BAE Systems, Eurocontrol, FOCA,
An overview of the speakers and the program can be found here:

You can be part online via Skyline:

Most drones are powered by lithium batteries. For each of these lithium batteries there are requirements in the transport regulations, e.g. they must be manufactured according to the quality management system described in the regulations and they must have passed the UN 38.3 test.
What exactly this QM program has to look like, we have put together for you under this link:

What is tested in this UN Test Series 38.3 can be found here: 

For shipping drones and their lithium ion batteries Lithium-Battery-Service offers you all information and transport documents for preparing the transport in our checklist article.
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By using our Supplier-Inquiry-Form you get all information you need to have about the lithium battery contained in the drone from the manufacturer or supplier. From 01.01.2020 onwards a UN 38.3 Test Summary needs to be provided by the manufacturer and any subsequent supplier on request. We have included all required details of the UN 38.3 Test Summary in our Supplier Inquiry Form.
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