Online-seminars with our experts from LITHIUM BATTERY SERVICE in SEPTEMBER 2021

Online Seminars with our expert Eva Glimsche (in cooperation with Lars Hollmotz)
For everyone involved with lithium batteries
Information on our training page:

Online Seminar Special on the classification of lithium cells and batteries
Online Seminar Special on damaged/defective lithium cells and batteries
Online Seminar Special on the recycling/disposal of lithium cells and batteries

Our seminars are for people and companies who have to do with lithium cells and lithium batteries in their job or private.
What do I have in front of me, what weight, what cell chemistry, special features?
How to pack, ship and transport correctly?
How to store, recycle, dispose?
What to do in case of problems?
Where can I find help, sources, specifications and experts?
How do I prepare the worldwide shipment with the different specifications of the countries?
What do I have to consider in road transport (ADR), rail transport (RID), sea transport (IMDG-CODE), air transport (ICAO-TI/IATA DGR)?
Do my employees need courses and exams-if so, what exactly?

Our experts answer these questions about lithium cells and lithium batteries in our seminars or directly for your company.
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