Question of the day: Not only companies, but also private individuals need help in shipping lithium cells and batteries. This question has reached us: „I would like to drive through Argentina with an e-bike. How can the e-bike with integrated rechargeabl

Question of the day:
Not only companies but also private individuals need help in shipping lithium cells and batteries. This is question we received:
“I would like to drive through Argentina with an ebike. How can the ebike with integrated rechargeable battery and a spare battery be transported from Germany to Argentina or Chile? “
Our answer:
ebike with clicked lithium-ion battery:
There are sea freight and air freight forwarding companies that take the eBike with them. However it must be packed, marked, labelled and documented by trained personnel. That has its price.

And there are only a few air freight forwarding companies that accept freight from private individuals.

What is absolutely necessary is that you get a Supplier Inquiry Form completed by the manufacturer of the eBike or by the manufacturer of the lithium ion battery.
I attached these to you in German and English, as many manufacturers are abroad. Here is the link to the supplier Inquiry:

Only when you have received all information and confirmations you can find a company that will pack, mark, document and transport the eBike.

Only the lithium-ion battery:
There are airlines where you can take your eBike without the lithium ion battery as sport luggage for a fee of around EUR 100,—.

Then only the lithium ion battery would be shipped as cargo. Since this reduces the weight, the freight costs are of course cheaper. Nevertheless also in this case you cannot do without the professional packaging, marking, labelling and documenting.

Directly from the eBike manufacturer:
What might be the cheapest and most uncomplicated way for you is contacting the eBike manufacturer directly and asking if they can send your eBike to Argentina. Because the eBike manufacturers usually have personell trained for all modes of transport. They have the appropriate packaging. And as a company they can then book the shipment with any sea or air freight forwarding agent.

An overview of the limitations and variations of individual airlines can be found here:

Such ebike batteries may not be carried in passenger baggage. And the ebike itself with installed lithium ion battery is not allowed in baggage either.
What kind of lithium cells and lithium batteries a passenger may carry in baggage and what requirements need to be fulfilled you can find under this link:
Should you have any further questions regarding lithium cells and lithium batteries, please don´t hesitate to contact us via:

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