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Tuesday, 16 March 2021, 10:00 EDT
ICAO Pre-Stocktaking-Webinars and discussions of stakeholders for a greener future of aviation


13 - 15 April 2021, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

ICAO has extended the deadline for States, organisations and individuals to submit proposals until 25 September 2020.
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Fourth DRONE ENABLE Symposium will be convened from 13 to 15 April 2021 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The theme of the symposium is "Addressing Tomorrow's Challenges Today".

ICAO's 4th Drone Enable Symposium will bring together key stakeholders from industry, academia, international organizations and governments to discuss the introduction of unmanned aircraft systems into traffic management and access to airspace.
Best practices, research and experience with unmanned aircraft in the airspace will be discussed.

On day 2 of the symposium, panel speakers who have submitted problem descriptions, information and further developments on unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) will speak under the keynote theme.


IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations 61stEdition
Effective 1 January 2020


Question of the day

Is it necessary to declare a lead-fleece battery in a mobile workplace as dangerous goods if it is to be shipped by air transport - if so, under which UN number?


Delays at airports in China and Hong Kong

Delays at airports in China and Hong Kong
Due to a fire caused by lithium batteries in cargo yesterday authorities and forwarders in China and Hong Kong are now extremely vigilant in handling.

Shipment delays are to be expected.

Here the link to the fire:


Question of the Day:

Carriage of Cells / Batteries by Air – in Personal Baggage or as cargo?
A colleague wants to take 200 batteries from reputable manufacturers in his baggage from Germany to overseas (no lithium, but alkaline manganese, alkali, zinc-air). The 200 batteries are for devices that are also taken. Is he allowed to do that?



On the IATA website the overview of the major changes has been published.
Here the link:


Regulation on in + with finally agreed upon - Special Provision 390


*NEW* CN China Customs Regulation Requirement
Polar Air Cargo sent out these infos via OAL Inforwarding:
Effective 14 May 2018, Polar will mandate China’s Customs published new regulation


IATA Passenger Pamphlet on lithium batteries in baggage

IATA has published their update to the passenger info on lithium batteries in baggage to include the regulations on Smart Baggage


Requirement for 2 mm line width deleted

IATA has published a Gudiance Document - Specification of Hazard Labels on 27. March 2018 outlining that the 2 mm line width requirement of the line 5 mm within the edge of the dangerous goods label will now already be deleted.


In the IATA News Brief on 13. March 2018 the following statement was published:
Improving Enforcement of Safety Regulations for Lithium Batteries